SMART-I Wireless 100m Perimeter Beam & 4 Zone Receiver System (Model: SHB100S)


● Creates a virtual fence to protect entrances, perimeters, patios, garages etc…

● Provides an Early Warning of intruders before they reach buildings

● Virtual Fence can be up to 100m long

● Solar powered and wireless for simple installation

● Up to 1000m (Line of Sight) transmission range

● Can be expanded to 4 zones of 8 pairs of beams

● Additional Receivers available

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Notifications sent to Control Panel
Powered by the Sun
Wireless Beams (No cables)

The SMART-I SHB100S Wireless 100m Perimeter Beam & 4 Zone Receiver System creates a virtual fence that detects any object that crosses it. The Perimeter Beam is supplied as a pair and communicates back to a 4 Zone receiver. When the virtual fence is crossed the 4 Zone Receiver will play a melody through its built-in speaker and notify the SMART-I Smart Alarm Gateway.

The beams can be mounted on a pole or a flat surface using the brackets supplied and are designed for indoor (optional 12V DC 500mA power supplies are recommended for permanently powering each beam if using them indoors) or outdoor use. They can be fitted at any height (allowing them to ignore shorter objects like dogs or foxes) and can be up to 60m apart, creating a 60m Virtual Fence. They are perfect for protecting entrances to a property, the perimeters of a property and even for protecting windows, patios and garages. As they can be mounted outside and do not create false alarms as an object must cross in order for them to be triggered they can provide an Early Warning that a property has intruders on it, long before those intruders attempt to enter any buildings on the property.

The beams are battery powered and also incorporate solar panels for charging the battery. A power supply is included in the kit, allowing you to recharge/top-up the batteries in the beams prior to installation. The beams transmit back to the receiver using the long range 433MHz frequency, allowing them to be sited up to 1000m (Line of Sight) away from the receiver. The receiver is permanently powered and is supplied with a power supply.

The receiver unit has 4 zones and each of these can be used with up to 8 pairs of beams, so a total of 32 pairs of beams can be used on one site. Each zone has a unique melody which can be played on the receiver when it is triggered, making it easy to identify which zone has been triggered. The melody can be turned off if not required and the volume adjusted also.

The receiver has 4 Alarm Outputs on the back of it, one for each zone, and a 12V DC trigger output, which can be connected to a Siren or Similar. A SMART-I SHUM Wireless Single Zone Alarm Input Interface is supplied for connecting one of these Alarm Outputs wirelessly to the SMART-I Smart Alarm System. This allows the receiver to trigger the SMART-I Gateway when the beams in that zone are triggered. The SMART-I SHUM Wireless Single Zone Alarm Input Interface transmits Alerts back to the Smart Alarm Gateway using secure 868.3MHz technology.

Multiple receivers can be used with the beams should you wish to have additional locations in the property where Alerts can be heard or should you wish to connect your beams to the SMART-I system and a CCTV or other type of system at the same time.

The maximum distance between the SMART-I SHUM Single Zone Alarm Input Interface/4 Zone Receiver and the Gateway can be up to 150 metres (Line of Sight), this can be extended by a further 150 metres using the SMART-I SHP100R Wireless Power Controller & 868.3MHz Signal Extender.

Once the Gateway receives the Alert it can be programmed to trigger camera recording, activate sirens, turn on electrical appliances/lights, send you an email or notify you on your iOS/Android device.


Model Number SHB100S
Kit Contents 1 XVISION 100m Wireless Perimeter Beam (Model: XSB200T) 1 XVISION 4 Zone Receiver (Model: XSB100R) 1 XVISION 12V DC 2000mA Power Supply (Model: TP122000) 1 SMART-I SHUM Wireless Single Zone Alarm Input Interface (Model: SHUM)
Detection Type Virtual Fence
Maximum Distance between beams 100m
Number of IR beams between beams 6
Wireless Frequency 433MHz
Wireless Range 1000m
Beams Power Source 500mAH Battery with Solar Charging if used outdoors Optional 12V DC 500mA Power Supply per beam if using indoors
Operating Temperature -30° to 70°C
Operating Environment Indoor or Outdoor
Dimensions 85x840x45mm (WHD)
Receiver Zones 4
Receiver Melodies 4
Receiver Alarm Outputs 4
Receiver Trigger Outputs 1 (12V DC)
Receiver Power Source 15V DC 1.5A
Receiver Operating Environment Indoor
Receiver Dimensions 160x35x100mm (WHD)
Smart-i Protect
Download the Android/IOS versions of the Smart-i Protect App here

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