SMART-I Wireless Smart Alarm, CCTV & Power Control System (Model: SH160)


● Ideal for large flats and houses

● Includes a Smart Alarm Gateway, PIR Detector, Door/Window Detector, Remote Control, Outdoor Solar Siren, HD WiFi Bullet Camera and 2 Power Control Sockets & 868.3MHz Signal Extenders

● Secure 868.3MHz technology

● Batteries Included

● Alerts to iOS/Android devices

● Live and Recorded HD CCTV images

● Remote On/Off control of Electrical Appliances

● No monthly charges

● Simple installation in minutes

● Easy system expansion. Optional accessories include additional Detectors, Indoor and Outdoor Sirens, Keypads, additional Remote Controls, Smoke Detectors, Water Detectors and Outdoor Perimeter Protection Beams

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£ 499.99 RRP inc. VAT

P2P Technology for quick, seamless Network connectivity
Email & push notifications of all events sent directly to your PC or Smartphone/Tablet
Support up to 4 WIFI cameras

The award winning SMART-I Wireless Smart Alarm, CCTV & Power Control System includes everything a large flat or house requires from an Alarm system plus an Outdoor HD WiFi CCTV Camera for checking on your property while you are away and for recording intruders for evidence purposes. The system is also supplied with 2 Power Controllers for controlling Electrical Appliances.

The kit includes a Smart Alarm Gateway, which communicates wirelessly using the secure 868.3MHz frequency with all the different parts of the system and connects your system to the Internet, so you can securely access it and receive alarm alerts from anywhere in the world on your iOS/Android phone or tablet. The Gateway is supplied with a power supply and connects to your Router via a wired connection. It also includes a built-in backup battery, allowing it to communicate with the other devices on your system for up to 8 hours should the power fail.

A Wireless PIR Detector is included, which can detect movement and immediatelly alert the Gateway. Also included is a Wireless Battery Powered Door/Window Detector. This can be mounted on a door or window and alert the Gateway should they be opened.

In addition to the detectors this kit includes an Outdoor Solar Siren. The siren has a strobe light and built-in 110dB siren, alerting neighbours and passers by that the alarm has been triggered and scaring awaysany intruders in or around the property.

An HD WiFi Cube Camera is included with the system, the camera can be used indoors or outdoors. The camera can be used to trigger the Gateway and any Alarms or Power Controllers connected to it. It will also provide Video Verification of events and allow you to listen and speak to the camera location. Using the SMART-I PROTECT APP it is also possible to view the camera live. Up to 4 cameras in total can be added to the Smart Alarm Gateway, and for larger systems the SMART-I CAM app can be used allowing you to use up to 12 cameras to protect your property.

The power Power Controllers supplied allow you to remotely turn electrical devices On and Off from the APP, turn On electrical devices when the system is triggered, or turn them On and Off randomly, to make it look like to would be intruders that the property is occupied.

The system can be armed, part-armed, disarmed and programmed from your iOS or Android phone or tablet using the free SMART-I PROTECT APP, or using the Wireless Remote Control provided. The system uses flexible If This Then That rules, to perform powerful automated functions across the SMART-I camera and smart alarm range, aloowing you to tailor your system to your exact needs.

The system can be easily expanded with a wide range of accessories, including CCTV Cameras, additional Detectors, Indoor and Outdoor Sirens, Keypads, additional Remote Controls, Smoke Detectors, Water Detectors, Outdoor Perimeter Protection Beams and Power Controllers.


Model Number SH160
Kit Contents 1 SMART-I Wireless Smart Alarm Gateway (Model: SHG100) 1 SMART-I Wireless PIR Sensor (Model: SHDP) 1 SMART-I Wireless Door/Window Detector (Model: SHDM) 1 SMART-I Wireless Remote Control (Model: SHR) 1 SMART-I Wireless Outdoor Solar Siren (Model: SHS300) 1 SMART-I HD WiFi Bullet Camera (Model: SHC300) 1 SMART-I Wireless Power Controller & 868.3MHz Signal Extender (Model: SHP100R)
Smart-i Protect
Download the Android/IOS versions of the Smart-i Protect App here

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